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Privacy Policy

The information that you provide to Burnie Mazda shall be used for purposes of administration, warranty and the on-going maintenance and mechanical servicing of your vehicle.

Burnie Mazda will not disclose personal information about an individual for any other purposes than the purpose for which it is collected unless there is a reasonable expectation by the individual that Burnie Mazda shall use or disclose the information for another purpose.

Burnie Mazda shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that personal information collected is accurate, complete and up-to-date and also protected from misuse, loss or unauthorised access or disclosure.

On request, Burnie Mazda shall provide an individual access to the information held in relation to themselves by allowing the individual to inspect records, take notes or by providing a photocopy or printout. However, there are a limited number of situations where Burnie Mazda may deny an individual access to the personal information Burnie Mazda holds about them (see National Privacy Principal 6 – Access & Correction).

Wherever it is lawful and practicable, Burnie Mazda shall give individuals the option of not identifying themselves when entering into transactions with the organisation.

Burnie Mazda shall not collect sensitive information about an individual unless:
the individual has consented; or
the collection is required by law; or
meets other requirements as set down in National Privacy Principals
#10 – Sensitive Information.

Any requests for access will be taken to the Management Committee and you will be advised within 48 hours regarding the outcome of your request.


The purpose of this policy is to define Mazda Australia Pty Ltd (‘Mazda Australia’) requirements for Mazda Dealer Websites.
This policy is necessary to ensure that Mazda customers relate to the Mazda experience and reinforce Mazda’s position as Australia’s leading new vehicle franchise.

This policy is effective immediately.
A Mazda Dealer’s website, like any other part of the Mazda Dealer’s business, is subject to and must at all times comply with the Dealer Agreement and all Manuals, including policies and procedures issued by Mazda Australia.

For the purpose of this document, the word Mazda shall refer to all Mazda franchises and all Mazda products, including Mazda passenger vehicles and Mazda commercial vehicles and parts and accessories authorised by Mazda Australia for use in conjunction with Mazda vehicles.

Mazda dealers have their own websites. These websites are separate from the website which is owned and operated by Mazda Australia.
To ensure that the dealer’s attention is focused on the objectives of Mazda and on giving maximum attention to the satisfaction of Mazda customers, this policy establishes the standards which the Mazda dealer must meet with regard to their website.
These standards are designed to ensure that Mazda is clearly and exclusively displayed as the website brand, to ensure the website does not make reference to any other business operated by the Mazda dealer, and to provide customers with accurate and appropriate details to enable them to make an informed decision when choosing or purchasing a Mazda vehicle, service or parts.

The domain name and all URLs related to that domain name must be based on the Dealer’s approved trading name and conform with the Mazda Trading Name Policy – i.e. they must contain the word Mazda and meet all other requirements stipulated in the Mazda Trading Name Policy.

The domain name and URL must conform to the following standard: www.[dealershiptradingname]

If the Mazda Dealer wishes to depart from the above standard, it must seek Mazda Australia’s written approval which may be given or withheld by Mazda Australia in its absolute discretion. Domain names and URLs which contain any of the following will not be approved:
.net, .org, .edu, .co, or use of the word “motorgroup”.

Dealer contact details must be included in Dealer websites, and must clearly indicate how a customer can contact the Mazda dealership by phone, fax, email, or in person. The instructions must not lead to, or include details of, any other motor vehicle franchise or other business operated by the Mazda dealer.

These details must be up-to-date at all times, including staff names, and any changes in them must also be communicated to Mazda Australia. Special instructions regarding parking and location should also be provided, to assist customers visiting the dealership.

Should a dealer provide the ability for customers to log requests via their website, the dealer must have a documented process for actioning such requests.

Dealership photos displayed on the Website must meet the Mazda Multi-Franchise Policy – that is, the website must be Mazda specific and relate to the Dealer’s Mazda franchise only. Included in this is the requirement that the site must not include prominent pictures of any other franchise.

Product information included on dealer websites must be current at Retail Date for new products, and up-to-date at all times for all other models. The source of this information is the Mazda Marketing extranet ( and information must be as current as that site.

Images of vehicles must be as authorised by Mazda Australia, and must be only of models available for retail in Australia (Australian model).

The Dealer must only fit, sell or promote parts & accessories that are sold or approved by Mazda Australia. The Dealer is reminded that their Mazda website must only advertise or provide information in respect of such genuine or approved parts and accessories.

The following are minimum requirements for each dealer website:
Mazda logo on every page
Dealership contact details
Search capability
Site Map
Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions must be shown.

From time to time, Mazda may specify design or technical requirements for Dealer websites, which it will publish to the dealer network. Such requirements must be adhered to where specified.

A minimum of 85% website up-time must be achieved, to minimise disruption to customers.

5.1. What information do we collect and hold?
Remarketing: We use Google Adwords Remarketing to advertise our products and services online. Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to display relevant ads based on your past visits to our website(s). Google Remarketing allows us to tailor our marketing to better suit your needs and display ads that are relevant to you. We respect your privacy and any data collected will be used in accordance with this privacy policy, Google's privacy policy or the privacy policy of other remarketing services that we may use.